"Max Cervantes is moving and heartbreaking as Marine, Chris Alvaro, who leaves it all on the stage with his gorgeous rendition of “Stronger.”

- Chicago Theatre Review

"The Writer, played to perfection by Max J. Cervantes..."

-Around the Town Chicago

“Frank Russell (a precision-tuned turn by Max J. Cervantes that captures both the heart and the sleazy aspect of his character).”

- WTTW Chicago

"A recent standout in Refuge Theatre’s production of “Hands on a Hardbody, Max J. Cervantes is magnetic and properly smarmy as Frank Russell."

- Chicago Theatre Review

"There is an especially belly-laugh provoking memorable moment when talented Max J. Cervantes (as a character called The Writer) sings of his narcissism and world view of everything in his life.."

- Amy Munice, Picture this Post